Directors in TYA – International Exchange

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In 2019 ASSITEJ Germany will host the Director in TYA – International Exchange. Since 1976, this exchange, known globally as the “International Directors’ Seminar” has addressed the topic of directors as independent artists in the field of TYA. With a focus on creating and contributing to a global artistic network and co-learning.

In 2019 DIRECTORS IN TYA – An International Exchange will take place from June 2-9 at Theater STRAHL Berlin (

It was a revolutionary moment when the Berlin Wall between East and West came down in 1989 after the people of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) had demonstrated peacefully against a regime that suppressed its people and denied them basic human rights. This moment – 30 years ago – will be the starting point for an exchange about “WALLS”.

ASSITEJ TYA UK are inviting applications from UK based directors interested in taking part in this opportunity.

Read more and download an application form
Berlin Call Out (word)
Berlin Call Out (PDF)

Author: Lindsay Baker