February Summary


Categories: News

After a highly successful “Take a Child to the Theatre Today” campaign in 2012, we hope you are all hatching plans for an even bigger day of celebration on March 20th 2013 International Day for Theatre for Children and Young People.  Let us know what you are planning so we can work together to make the most of this opportunity to publicise the fantastic theatre for children and young people.

There have been less positive stories from around the UK regarding local authority funding cuts and the Westminster Governments move to develop an English Baccalaureate with no inclusion of any arts subjects.  Well done to all involved in the BACC for the Future campaign for the loud message delivered and the success in influencing the government u-turn.  Find out more in our article from Steve Ball and through the BACC for the Future campaign website.

We can cheer ourselves up with the many opportunities for young and emerging artists in the months ahead from the Young Europe grant at Augenblick mal to the the Next Generation Residency  for the ASSITEJ International Meeting at the Schäxpir Festival in Linz. Let’s nurture all of our talented artists and create the high quality work we know our young audiences deserve.

Author: Lindsay Baker