The Okinawa Declaration for the Future of Theater for Children and Young People

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We have boarded on one boat all together for 9 days from July 28th to August 5th of 2012 here in Okinawa city – in order to confirm the present and to light the future of theater for children and young people.

In this place we have discovered that colleagues from all over the world are doing outstanding artistic activities for children, and we have enjoyed them along with children.

In this place we have thought together about ‘how theater for children and young people of tomorrow should be’ and ‘what we should do for that today.’ And in this place we have learned that outstanding theater arts are effective in healing the human diseases and wounds called war and disaster.

We have been able to confirm the subtitle of the festival, “theater is medicine for life,” with the body and the heart.

Today we declare:
“Theater is absolutely medicine for life; therefore, all the children in the world must experience the wonderfulness of theater and grow in and through theater. And we shall keep making efforts until the day we have accomplished this.

August 5th, 2012

All the participants of the 1st ASSITEJ International Meeting

Author: Lindsay Baker