TYA UK is the UK Centre of ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People. If you are a parent, teacher, theatre venue programmer, festival organiser or someone interested in professional theatre for young audiences you can find out here about shows touring now and news from home and abroad.

We have over 70 members in all parts of the UK. Go direct to their websites from the Members page. Join us for a small fee (£60 for a Company or Organisation and £25 for an Individual) and help us enable children and young people to enjoy professional theatre everywhere.


Latest News

Directors in TYA – International Exchange

In 2019 ASSITEJ Germany will host the Director in TYA – International Exchange. Since 1976, this exchange, known globally as the “International Directors’ Seminar” has addressed the topic of directors as independent artists in the field of TYA. With a focus on creating and contributing to a global artistic network and co-learning. In 2019 DIRECTORS IN…

So What is Politics for Young People?

Is it what most adults think it is: personalities, policies and taxes? Is it what activists think it is: a clash of theories, a power struggle between classes, or negotiation and compromise between desires and necessity? So What is Politics for Young People