PYA England is Chaired by Wendy Harris from Tutti Frutti, and Vice-Chair Claire Summerfield working with the PYA England steering group of:

  • Ben Miles – Full House Theatre
  • Claire Summerfield – Tandem Works
  • Filiz Ozcan – Komola Collective/Prime Theatre
  • Harriet Hardie – Full House Theatre
  • Michael Judge – New International Encounter (NIE)
  • Mosa Mpetha – Tutti Frutti productions
  • Chris Elwell – Half Moon
  • Rob Watt – Theatre Centre
  • Lia Prentaki- Freelance Producer
  • Kate Cross – The Egg
  • Christina Elliot – The Place

We welcome members who may wish to join the steering group who will be required to attend up to 4 meetings a year. If you are interested, please email wendy@tutti-frutti.org.uk

 We hold zoom café Meetings that are open to all PYA members and provide an opportunity to network and gather creatively around collective activity .

The zoom café meeting dates and topics for the year

June 2023 – read the minutes PYA England Minutes

September 12th – read the minutes PYA England Meeting – Exploring the Company Venue Dynamic in PYA 

November 14th 

All members are invited to attend an online meeting on 14th November 2024 at 6pm

To hear more about Assitej Cuba 2024 and how you might attend or engage with the 2024 Artistic Gathering and World Congress.

During this session, ASSITEJ Cuba and partners will present their plans for next year’s gathering. This is an opportunity to;
find out more about the event and how Cuba will be hosting, explore how you might be involved, and ask any questions you have. There will be a translator in the session, supporting dialogue between Spanish and English.
The session will last 1 hour.

We will continue to run zoom cafés throughout the year. We will announce the themes and discussion areas for each when confirmed in the newsletter.  Everyone is welcome!

If you wish to hold the space or have an idea for discussion, please email Wendy@tutti-frutti.org.uk as we are keen to represent your concerns.

To receive notifications of PYA England meetings sign up here