PYA England is Chaired by Wendy Harris from Tutti Frutti, and Vice-Chair Claire Summerfield working with the PYA England steering group of:

  • Ben Miles – Full House Theatre
  • Claire Summerfield – Tandem Works
  • Filiz Ozcan – Komola Collective/Prime Theatre
  • Harriet Hardie – Full House Theatre
  • Michael Judge – New International Encounter (NIE)
  • Mosa Mpetha – Tutti Frutti productions
  • Chris Elwell – Half Moon
  • Rob Watt – Theatre Centre
  • Lia Prentaki- Freelance Producer
  • Kate Cross – The Egg
  • Christina Elliot – The Place

We welcome members who may wish to join the steering group who will be required to attend up to 4 meetings a year. If you are interested, please email wendy@tutti-frutti.org.uk

 We hold zoom café Meetings that are open to all PYA members and provide an opportunity to network and gather creatively around collective activity .

The zoom café meeting dates and topics for the year

June 2023 – read the minutes PYA England Minutes

September 12th – read the minutes PYA England Meeting – Exploring the Company Venue Dynamic in PYA 

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