PYA England is Chaired by Wendy Harris from Tutti Frutti, and Vice-Chair Pilar Santelices of Theatre Alibi working with the PYA England steering group of:

  • Ben Miles – Full House Theatre
  • Claire Summerfield  – Tandem Works
  • Debbie Bandara – Forest Tribe Dance Theatre
  • Filiz Ozcan – Komola Collective
  • Harriet Hardie – Full House Theatre
  • Louise Katerega – Freelance
  • Michael Judge – New International Encounter (NIE)
  • Mosa Mpetha – Tutti Frutti productions

Meetings are open to all PYA members and provide an opportunity to network and gather creatively around collective activity such as our ongoing work on The Quality of Difference (PYA’s commitment to greater representation in work for young audiences)

The meeting dates and topics for the year.:

  • January – Get 0n Board, read the minutes here: PYA England Meeting 14 – Minutes 28 January 2021 Get on Board
  • February – International Work & Relationships, read the minutes here: PYA England Meeting 15 – Minutes 23 February 2021 International
  • March (Tues 30th March 10.30am – 12pm) – Schools (previously Tues 23rd March)
  • April (Tues 27 April 10.30am – 12pm) – Environment & Climate Change/Justice
  • May (Thurs 27 May 1pm – 2.15pm) – Anti-Racism Followed by a 30 minute affinity space for those of the global majority to gather and discuss.
  • June (Tues 29 June 10.30am – 12pm) – Graduates, those new into the sector
  • July (Tues 27 July 10.30am – 12pm) – Working with venues
  • August – No Meeting
  • September (Tues 28 Sept 10.30am – 12pm) – Funding/Funders
  • October (Tues 26 Oct 10.30am – 12pm) – Mental Health
  • November (Tues 30 Nov 10.30am – 12pm) – Audiences
  • December (Tues 14 Dec 10.30am – 12pm) Seasonal Celebration

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