TYA Cymru (Theatre for Young Audiences Cymru) is one of the regional centres of ASSITEJ UK and is currently being run by Theatr Iolo.

ASSITEJ UK is a member of the global network that is ASSITEJ International. ASSITEJ International unites theatres, organisations and individuals throughout the world who make theatre for children and young people.

TYA Cymru are now looking for new members, to join together to create a network dedicated to theatre for young people.

As passionate creators of theatre for young audiences in Wales, we invite you to join us on our journey and to help shape the future of TYA Cymru.

TYA Cymru’s main aims are:

  1. To represent, support and lobby for the Welsh TYA Sector.
  • Focusing on developing a creative network across Wales with its main aim to embrace and promote Wales based Artists, companies, organisation and venues who have an interest in developing work for young audiences.
  • Focusing on developing initiatives across Wales to develop audiences for TYA whilst ensuing that the TYA sector in Wales is fully acknowledged and represented Wales.
  1. To feed into ASSITEJ UK and support TYA Cymru on a global stage.
  • TYA Cymru currently has one member on the ASSITEJ UK Board
  • TYA Cymru members are in regular attendance at children’s festivals and conferences across the world.

In short, TYA Cymru is a platform to share knowledge and experience in order to strengthen theatre for young audiences in Wales.

Becoming a member of TYA Cymru includes several benefits:

  • TYA Cymru networking sessions will be held twice a year online, chaired and hosted by Theatr Iolo and will cover topics that will be on current themes and relevancy to the member’s interest.
  • TYA Cymru will provide opportunities for all of its members to share their own recruitment news, key discussion topics and updates via social media posts and newsletters.
  • TYA Cymru will promote, and highlight Wales based theatre companies, venues, and performers to the wider community, both locally, UK wide and internationally, by ensuring that it has a voice on the ASSITEJ UK Board.
  • TYA CYMRU 2022

If you would like to discuss TYA Cymru, please feel free to contact Aled Rees, Artistic Administrator for Theatr Iolo, on