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As a part of the ASSITEJ network we want to understand more about you and your work so we can advocate on your behalf. Please complete the survey to help us do that.

The section on COVID-19 is an additional element this year- to help us understand the impact of the pandemic.

When the form refers to the last year, please insert information from the last financial year 2020-21. This survey will ask questions about the finances of your organisation, please make sure the appropriate person is completing this survey.
These next two questions are for those based in England, if you are not, please skip to question 18.
23. Do you consider your organisations core team to be diverse?
24. Do you consider your board to be diverse?
25. Do you consider your Audiences to be diverse?
We now have some questions about the impact of COVID-19 on your organisation. We require this information to help us build a sector wide understanding of the impact of COVID-19 to help us lobby and see where the sector most needs help/support.
We understand this survey was quite long. We are keen to make a case about the impact and importance of our sector in our lobbying to government, educational bodies and other stakeholders, therefore we need to properly understand our sector. Thank you greatly for taking the time to complete this.