Sponsor an Artist

Can your organisation afford £10 per year?  If so, ASSITEJ UK is asking you to sponsor an artist’s membership

ASSITEJ UK (Performance for Young Audiences UK) is the National Centre of ASSITEJ INTERNATIONAL and is made up of professionals from Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales who make work for young audiences.

We celebrate excellence in the performing arts for young audiences, whilst promoting and protecting Performance for Young Audiences (PYA) across the UK, advancing the growth of the industry so that it can enrich and nourish both the artists making the work and young people’s experience of the world through live performance.

We promote ASSITEJ opportunities and aim to connect artists in the UK with artists abroad. The pillars of ASSITEJ UK are internationalism, professional development and advocacy.


If you pay £10, the individual artist receives full membership of ASSITEJ UK, which includes:

  • Monthly newsletters packed full of national and international opportunities
  • Weekly TYA/PYA job opportunity newsletters (newsletter sent on submission of opportunities by members)
  • An invitation and voice at the Assitej UK AGM
  • Details of Assitej International Global Gatherings and all other festivals and opportunities world-wide
  • Access to sector-wide research and data which can be used in funding applications etc.
  • Opportunity to apply for Assitej places at international events
  • Discounted passes for events and training where available


  • The warm glow of knowing you’ve supported an artist to connect with their field locally, nationally and internationally!
  • The gateway to provide extra opportunities as part of your existing Artist Development / Associate Artist schemes.
  • The chance to shout about your support for independent artists.


Your artist will have to sign up with their details themselves via Independent Artist Fast-Pay here:

Then you simply reimburse them £10. Easy as that!


Replay Theatre Company in Belfast sponsored actor, writer and producer Gary Crossan’s membership of ASSITEJ UK.

“We’ve seen tremendous benefits from our £10 sponsorship of Gary. It’s rewarding to see the next generation of artists from Northern Ireland who are serious about performance for young audiences, and within a short time of becoming a member, Gary stepped onto the board of ASSITEJ UK, giving us another representative from NI on the UK board.”

  • Janice Kernoghan-Reid, Artistic Director Replay Theatre Company

“Replay sponsorship had way more than monetary value. Being sponsored gives you a sense of belonging within the ASSITEJ UK network since you have been introduced to it by an established PYA company. For such a small investment it had a huge impact on my confidence in the PYA industry and made me feel recognised for my contributions to the sector.”

  • Gary Crossan, Actor, Writer, Producer