Former Assitej UK Chair, Nina Hajiyianni awarded honorary membership

We are very pleased to announce that former Assitej UK Chair, Nina Hajiyianni, has been awarded an Honorary Membership of Assitej UK. Let’s take a look back….

Nina first became involved with ASSITEJ when she was invited to take part in the inaugural Next Generation Group at the 16th World Congress in Adelaide in 2008. This new initiative was designed to not only offer younger artists an international exchange experience but also to shake up the ASSITEJ demographic. Part of its rationale was to ‘fast track’ individuals into the organisation, helping it become more open and diverse.  Hers was a three-year programme, after which she stood for the Executive Committee (EC) in 2011 (Sweden/Denmark) and was elected onto the Committee with one of the highest votes!

Whilst on the EC, she successfully campaigned for the continuation  of Next Generation as a discreet, yearly programme for emerging artists which consequently led to the formation of the wider Network, enabling others to set up their own programmes and for all constituents to remain ‘forever connected’. She then experienced and saw first-hand how the initiative has inspired and transformed people’s practice. Some participants had never left their country, let alone been connected with like-minded practitioners. Nina says ’It’s a perfect example of a simple idea that has had and continues to have profound impact’.

During the same period she took the Chair of TYA UK for 2 terms. The first term was focussed on making sure there was an active board with members from all parts of the UK and the 2nd term delivered On The Edge which was in partnership with TYA Ireland and hosted by Birmingham Rep. She co-led the bid, presenting it at Congress (where it won over ASSITEJ Sweden) and was part of the steering group for the festival. This was the 1st ASSITEJ Festival to take place in the UK in it’s 50+ year history and for any lucky enough to attend, was a fantastic achievement for Nina and the Board at the time. One could say that it was a historical milestone for TYA across the whole of the UK.

Nina exudes her values of collaboration, openness and integrity through example not rhetoric. Feedback from her period of management is that communication of these values paid off: internationally there was a shift of perception which we are still enjoying and are able to build on.

‘Nina, from the whole Assitej UK network, thank you and congratulations on these achievements.’

Kate and the Board of Assitej UK


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