Linking Schools across Rochdale at M6 Theatre

For the third year running, M6 Theatre, in partnership with Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, is hosting the Rochdale Linking Schools project. Linking Schools sees two different schools from across the Borough of Rochdale join together at M6 Studio to celebrate diversity and champion equality.

Over 800 children from 21 schools are taking part this year, with two Key Stage 2 classes joining together to watch a performance of Mission…Save the World! and participate in an accompanying workshop.

M6’s Participation Programme Manager Caroline Kennedy said: “By the end of the day the children think of a minor mission to help within their community, for example recycling or being kind to other people. The children arrive feeling a bit nervous but those nerves quickly disappear when they meet their new friends from the other school.”

 A Year 4 pupil from Milnrow Parish School said “I will never forget this day”

The Linking Schools project is part of the national linking network, bringing children together from different backgrounds to explore identity, promote community and make new friends. For more information visit

M6 Theatre Company, founded in 1977 and based in Rochdale, is acknowledged as one of Britain’s leading touring theatre companies specialising in creating and delivering high quality theatre for young audiences.


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