Three days
at Obrzycko
Karin Serres

The bus runs along pale yellow feedcorn fields. You enter a wide park and you go working with a great group of youngsters, in a half-timbered house then outdoor, sitting on benches all around a cone of logs that looks like a tiny wigwam.

All the others arrive and at the end of your first intense day , about 22 :30, you’re thinking of going to bed but there’s a barbecue awaiting you in the night, with sausages and vegetables grilling on embers and beers and Czech pear alcohol. It’s delicious. One hour later, you’re thinking again about going to bed but everyone gathers on the benches around the campfire, for the traditional open-fire discussion, we all present ourselves and talk in the crackling night while odd beasts are hooting and squeaking in the darkness.

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