Executive Committee meeting of ASSITEJ, Makiivka, Ukraine

The 1st meeting of the recently elected Executive Committee of ASSITEJ took place in Makiivka, Ukraine on September 26 – October 1st 2011. Makiivka, is an industrial city located in eastern Ukraine within the Donetsk Oblast region. The meeting took place at the City Theatre Makiivka hosted by The Donetsk Regional Russian Youth Theatre, in the context of the Third Ukrainian Festival of Youth, supported by Ministry of Culture and Tourism The festival saw a week of performances by professional companies from across Ukraine who make work for children. The participating companies were state funded regional theatres attached to their own regional/city venue. Each company produces work for both adults and children in their venues and operate on a repertory theatre basis, with a large resident acting company, supported by in-house managing and technical departments. These particular companies were drawn from across the Ukraine and participated because of their particular focus on work for children and young audiences.



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